Our homemade desserts are the talk of the town

Come See Us @ The Corner of Logan & Third Street

Across the tracks from the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum

Dine In - Dine Out - Call Ahead - Carry Out

222 Logan Street Dennison Ohio


M - F 10am - 2:30pm

We offer our own special features, traditional Italian treats and seasonal favorites.

Each a perfect companion to your meal

or a delicious take home treat.

Ice Cream Balls - April’s marvelous creation

Tiramisu - The Italian “Pick Me Up

Italian Gelato - Bring a smile to your heart

   Chocolate  Limoncello  Panna Cotta  Pistachio

Chocolate Brownie with Peanut Butter Icing

Gourmet Dessert Bars - Bite size wonders

   Buckeye Bars  Maui Wowie  Ooey Gooey   

Seasonal Pies - Perfect crust perfect flavor

   Apple  Butterscotch  Cherry  Peanut Butter


Ice Cream - Scoop up a cup or a cone

   Chocolate  Cookie Dough  Mint Chocolate Chip 


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