From local grocer to gourmet deli.

In 1940 our dad Joe opened a small Italian grocery. During WWII our mom Virginia ran the store, raised the kids and kept the home fires burning in the store’s pot belly stove.

For 60 years Berni’s Grocery brought milk, bread and other Italian staples to the Dennison community.

Papa Joe also served sandwiches, sold penny candy to kids and offered camaraderie to many until his retirement in 2001 at age 90!

In 2007 son Joe and his wife April renovated the original building and opened as Berni’s Italian Deli & Cafe. The pot belly stove and candy counter are still here. We created a charming atmosphere, added our own traditions and expanded the family recipes.

A Family Tradition...continues

Come See Us @ The Corner of Logan & Third Street

Across the tracks from the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum

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Dine In - Dine Out - Call Ahead - Carry Out

222 Logan Street Dennison Ohio


W - F 10am - 2:00pm

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